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Little Lunches: Your All-in-One Meal Planning Solution for a Healthier Family


As a parent, ensuring your family eats nutritious meals can be a challenge. But with Little Lunches, meal planning becomes a breeze! This revolutionary app offers a plethora of features to save you time, money, and effort while promoting healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Join us on this exciting journey towards better health and easier meal planning. Let's create a world where nutritious and delicious meals are effortlessly enjoyed by every family. Together, we'll make Little Lunches the go-to app for all parents seeking a simpler and healthier lifestyle! 🍲🥕💪

App Features

Customized Meal Plans with Dietary Recommendations:

At Little Lunches, we understand that each family member has unique nutritional needs. That's why our meal plans are expertly crafted based on dietary recommendations, ensuring every member of your family receives the right nutrients.

Meal Plans With Resized Recipes for Age-Appropriate Meals:

Growing kids have specific nutritional requirements. With Little Lunches, recipe sizes are perfectly adjusted to meet the needs of different age groups, guaranteeing that your little ones get the right balance of nutrients.

Meal Plans Consider Allergies and Dietary Restrictions:

We take allergies and dietary restrictions seriously. Little Lunches meticulously accounts for your family's specific dietary needs, providing meal options that are safe and delicious, even for those with allergies.

Two Separate Meal Plans for Babies and Older Children:

For families with both babies (6-12 months old) and older children, Little Lunches offers the convenience of two distinct meal plans each week. Tailored menus for different age groups make mealtime a breeze for busy parents.

Weekly Meal Plans, Delivered on Thursdays:

No more stressing about planning meals for the upcoming week. Little Lunches delivers fresh, new meal plans every Thursday, giving you ample time to prepare and shop for your family's favorite dishes.

Nutritionist-Backed Meal Plans:

Our meal plans are automatically tailored based on recommendations by registered dietitians and professional chefs. You can trust that your family is getting top-notch nutritional guidance without the high cost typically associated with getting meal plans from a dietitian's office.

Comprehensive Food Introduction Guide for Babies:

For parents with babies aged 6-24 months, Little Lunches offers a detailed food introduction guide. With age-specific recommendations, easy grocery shopping lists, and nutrition facts, introducing healthy foods to your little ones has never been easier.

Expert Guidance from Health Professionals:

Little Lunches doesn't stop at meal planning; it's a comprehensive nutrition resource. Benefit from diet, nutrition, and feeding advice from registered dietitians, feeding therapists, professional chefs, and pediatricians. Gain confidence knowing you're providing the best for your family's health.

Multilingual Support and Unit System Choice:

Little Lunches is inclusive and caters to a diverse audience. The app supports both English and Spanish languages, ensuring seamless usability for all users. Additionally, users can choose to view recipe ingredients using the metric or US system, based on their preference.

Dashboard for Enhanced Visibility:

Stay organized with Little Lunches' user-friendly dashboard, where you can easily view cooked meals, ratings, and prior meal plans. Save your favorite recipes for quick access, and create your own recipes with automatic nutrition facts and allergy information. With all the details at your fingertips, meal planning becomes a breeze!

Quick Recipe Shopping for Busy Days:

For those hectic days when planning seems impossible, Little Lunches offers quick recipe shopping. Select recipes from the app, and they'll be automatically added to a grocery list. With delivery options and just-in-time shopping, you'll never stress about last-minute meals again.

Reduce Food Waste with Ingredient Reuse:

Say goodbye to wasted ingredients! Little Lunches allows you to add ingredients already at home in your fridge or pantry. The app will cleverly include recipes that reuse those ingredients, ensuring nothing goes to waste and maximizing your grocery budget.

Simple and Flexible Subscription Plan:

With Little Lunches, simplicity is key. Enjoy one subscription plan that offers full flexibility, so you can tailor your meal planning to suit your family's ever-changing needs. Change meal preferences as required, and the app will adjust next week's plan accordingly.

Seamless Meal Planning for Co-Parents:

Little Lunches understands the importance of teamwork in meal planning. Add a second parent or caregiver on the same account for free, making it easy to plan together and share the effort effortlessly.


Little Lunches is your all-in-one meal planning solution, empowering you to provide effortless, tailored meals for your family. Nurture healthy eaters by kickstarting wholesome habits for your kids today! Our personalized meal plans, allergy-conscious menus, and age-appropriate recipes set us apart. Join us on this journey of wholesome meals and healthier living. Together, we can combat the growing childhood obesity/overweight epidemic and create a future where every family enjoys the benefits of nutritious and delectable meals. Start your Little Lunches adventure today and experience the joy of family meals while fostering lifelong healthy habits! 🍲🥕💪

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